My Embarrassing Obsession

Sheldon Price

Self-proclaimed weirdo Sheldon Price has long been captivated by people. Everyone on this Earth is so different, yet for some reason many strive to be exactly like the next. These aren’t the ones that draw Sheldon‘s eye, no. He’s more interested in the bizarre, the unique, the forgotten. This podcast, “My Embarrassing Obsession,” is an audible museum of the most interesting people he meets. Each episode features a different guest opening up about their hidden manias, as they shed a light on why it has such a tight grasp around their heart.

You can find all episodes previous to the Movieclips merger at

This first episode features Erin Klingsberg, with an obsession many of us are guilty of, but I doubt to this extreme. I’m talking about “shipping”. As in “relation-shipping”. You know, what all of those tumblrs and youtube videos are about. Still don’t have a clue? Better strap on your helmets because she’s about to take you to a corner of the internet you had no idea was this lovey-dovey.

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