An Open Letter to…Superhero Movies

In honor of Kick-Ass 2 coming out today, I decided to write an homage to Superhero Movies!


Dear Superhero Movies,

You rock. Seriously. You have changed my life for the better. Admittedly, I initially wrote you off as a young lass because I was too busy being obsessed with things like The Sound of Music, My Size Barbie, and fending off my sister’s terrifying Teddy Ruxpin doll (aka evil sound playing bear toy). Although in my defense, I did religiously watch Captain Planet as a kid.  A superhero who fights pollution related crime!? That’s a stellar agenda and thanks to him, I recycle as often as I remember! See, I learned something. Even though he had a TV show not a movie, Superhero movies/TV shows/whatever are freaking awesome and anyone who says that they are stupid or pointless is living their life ON A BED OF LIES.

I might get some flack for this but Iron Man is the first movie I saw that made me realize that I love Superhero movies. I remember seeing Spider-Man and thinking it was really cool, but that it left something to be desired. But I mean what 13 year old girl didn’t want to be kissed in the pouring rain by an upside down (barely) hot guy in a skin tight spidey suit?? NONE BECAUSE THAT IS A WILDLY IMPROBABLE FANTASY ALL 13 YEAR OLD GIRLS HAVE DUH. That might sound mildly creepy but trust me, I was one determined tween whose judgment on Tobey Maguire’s attractiveness was clouded by the excessive romance and the fact that I was still obsessed with Kirsten Dunst (don’t act like you didn’t love Bring It On just as much as I did). With that said, Iron Man was the first superhero movie I can remember that really impressed me and completely changed my initial idea that superhero movies were only for comic book nerds. Well slap me silly and call me J.A.R.V.I.S. because I’ve got a full blown obsession with this stuff now. I want to read all the comic books and buy all the merch and BE THE WOLVERINE (my last name IS Logan…so…).

While being some of the best action films I’ve ever seen, I know that you get knocked from time to time. It’s tough having these characters fans have known for years and then seeing them conveyed completely wrong on screen. Peeps get cray over that stuff and for good reason. I may or may not be completely and utterly obsessed with The Hunger Games trilogy and if they had ruined that first movie, I would have gone on a drunken rampage around Hollywood until I found the person responsible for it. Luckily, that didn’t happen (although there were OBVIOUS things that were POINTLESSLY changed but it’s fine I’m totally not mad about it at all…) and I’m truly satisfied with how it came out.

You, Superhero movies, are what keep everyone on their toes in the film world and you consistently push the envelope time and time again. I think we understand as fans that sometimes things don’t translate from page to screen BUT we’d still like to be thrown a bone every so often. So when it says The Mandarin is a chinese dude with 10 alien power rings, DON’T TURN HIM INTO SOME RANDOM BRITISH GUY THAT MAKES POOP JOKES AND DOESN’T KNOW HE’S AN INTERNATIONAL TERRORIST.

My super crime fighting love,

Fraisia W. Logan

aka Mistress Monsoon (my superhero name)



If you can’t make it out to see Kick-Ass 2 just yet, watch the trailer on our channel to hold you over until you can!

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