CARTOON CRACKDOWN: Drop Everything and Watch Gravity Falls

Edmund Poliks


Recently, a friend of mine gave me the Clockwork Orange treatment. Aka, he kidnapped me, turned on his TV, and bade me to watch some Disney cartoon called Gravity Falls. Like a meth-head straight out of Breaking Bad, I found myself completely hooked and ended up rampaging through the first season in just three days. I realized though that considering how it took me as long as it did to discover the show, some of you might not realize the masterpiece you’re missing. So, here are three reasons why you need to put life on hold and watch Gravity Falls. IMMEDIATELY!


Just look at that intro I posted above. Look how pristine it is. BASK IN IT.

Now of course there will probably be some of you who can think back to the days of Thundercats and realize just how deceiving a cartoon’s opening can be. Too often in the past, we’ve had cartoons put so much money into their intros that the rest of the show looks bland by comparison.

Not THIS show. Gravity Falls has an impressive array of quirky supporting characters, varied environments, and scary monsters to put most other animated shows to shame visually. The movement on top of all of these designs are exceptionally fluid, and proves that Disney has made a winner here. Don’t believe me? Then just dive into that intro again. DO IT.



The show itself is about a pair of twelve year old twins: Dipper and Mabel Pines. They come to the titular Gravity Falls to spend the summer working with their Grunkle (Great-Uncle) Stan at his knock-off souvenir store: The Mystery Shack. After a while, Dipper finds a mysterious book and begins to notice some strange things popping up around the area. From there, the show follows the adventures of the twins as they deal with all kinds of crazy stuff: dinosaurs, ghosts, and even presidents preserved Jurassic Park-style.

Sounds like a pretty thrilling show right? Well on top of all of that Buffy-esque craziness, the show manages to keep up an offbeat humorous tone that reminds one of Adventure Time’s best episodes. Sure there are moments that are genuinely frightening or tense but Gravity Falls manages to find ways to spin things back to hilarity. It’s something to appreciate and really goes a long way in keeping things complex but entertaining.



You may not recognize Kristen Schaal just from her name, but I’ll bet you’d recognize her voice. Kristen Schaal is a terrific voice actress and is currently killing it as Louise Belcher on Bob’s Burgers. This time around Schaal plays the bouncy, easily-amused girl, Mabel, and the casting couldn’t have been more perfect.

Mabel is the constant ray of sunshine that Gravity Falls depends on, even more so than main protagonist Dipper. She represents the lack of abandon and pursuit of joy that every kid with a sugar high always strove for, and has the ability to turn even the most dire situation back around again. She’s adorable, bubbly, and Schaal’s energetic delivery never fails to amaze. She was so good, she became my favorite character after only three minutes and still remains as such.


So yeah. Watch it. THIS VERY MOMENT.


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