Affleck vs. Affleck: Will Ben Affleck Be A Good Batman?

Emily Timmons

It was announced by Warner Brothers this afternoon that it’s official, Ben Affleck will play Batman in the new Superman/Batman film coming out in 2015. Upon hearing this information, so many aspects of Ben Affleck come to mind where I can kind of maybe see him in this role. He can play serious decently, he’s handsome, and he has a beautiful jawline which will protrude nicely underneath that batman mask. On the other hand, there are several more specific images flashing in my mind, which make me wonder how this could ever have come about. In honor of this conundrum I propose a quick round of Affleck vs. Affleck. Three pics that make me never want to see Affleck caped next to Superman, and three that cause me to think, “hmm yes, I can possibly see him as a strong shadowy superhero.”

Let’s begin with 3 Affleck pics in favor of the Batman role shall we. 


Ben Affleck as Doug MacRay in ‘The Town.’ Strong silent type with a dangerous side, check. Confuses the girl with a double identity, check.



Ben Affleck as George Reeves in ‘Hollywoodland.’ He’s already played Superman, so maybe he’ll understand how to coincide with him in his new role. Let’s knock off 10 points though, because when you put this picture next to Henry Cavill in tights it just looks sad.



Dat Jaw.


Now since we’ve carefully weighed 3 options in favor of Affleck as Batman, let’s dive into 3 pics that make me argue decidedly against Batman and Affleck joining identities.


Now doesn’t this just bring back a few memories. He’s done it before folks, and the outcome wasn’t that pretty. Maybe round two will be better, but the last time Affleck was the lead in a superhero movie it was less than impressive.


This lovely film has 6% on Rotten tomatoes… SIX PERCENT! Need I say more.



And then there’s this hair… and consequently the comparisons. How can we be expected to take Affleck seriously as Batman when this picture is floating around the interweb?


In all seriousness I wish Affleck the best of luck in this role. Sure it’s hard to imagine him there, but dude’s been acting for a while, I’m sure he can pull it off. Of course they might have to pull out some sort of magic for Henry Cavill not to ultimately outshine him in that Superman outfit…


Wooh is that outfit tight in all the right places or what?


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