Check It Out! The New, The Classic, The Obscure – The Wonderful World of Rentals

Alex Barker

My name is Alex Barker! Here are the rentals for the week! Friendship and summer! Combo perfecto!

Super 8 – Written and Directed by JJ Abrams, the mind behind Lost and Alias, Abrams gives us a loving homage to the late 1970’s American childhood. A group of friends are filming a movie for fun over the summer and witness a horrific train wreck. As mysterious events begin to unfold surrounding the wreck, the kids find themselves tangled in the results. This was a summer semi-hit in 2011 and continues to get better with age. The acting by the kids is practically to the classic level of The Sandlot. By far one of JJ Abrams’ best. Until, perhaps, when that little obscure film called Star Wars is released…

iTunes – $9.99 (purchase only)

Google Play – $2.99


Pollyanna – This 1960 Walt Disney classic is the closest that Disney ever got to the feel of a Frank Capra film (It’s a Wonderful Life). With an unashamed sentimentality, Pollyanna tells the story of a girl (of the same name), who is an orphan and begins to live with her aunt who maintains control over a small town . She makes friends with Jimmy Bean, a boy her age, and through her kindness and unrelenting optimism, begins to change the hearts and minds of the little town. Although the setup of this film may seem like a typical Disney film, the ending provides a powerful emotional punch that honestly sets aside any sense of naive “happily ever after” endings. This live-action film is one of Disney’s best.

$2.99 – iTunes

$2.99 – Google Play

Hearts in Atlantis – Based on the novel by Stephen King, Hearts in Atlantis tells the story of a young fatherless boy Bobby (a young Anton Yelchin) who forms a friendship with a mysterious man in the summer of 1960, played brilliantly by Anthony Hopkins. This movie was not widely seen at the box office when it was released in late September of 2001, which is a shame. The story is quite intriguing and Anthony Hopkins is a thrill to watch.

$2.99 – iTunes

$1.99 – Google Play

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