4 New Bad Milo! Clips

Magnolia has released 4 new clips for their new film Bad Milo! The film stars Ken Marino, whom I personally fell in love with on the Yahoo! web series ‘Burning Love.’ Marino plays Ken, a man who learns he has a demon living in his intestines which comes out of his butt occasionally to murder people.

This movie looks absolutely ridiculous in a hilarious sort of way, and these 4 new clips only reiterate it’s potential. This of course depends on if you’re one of those ‘Scary Movie,’ ‘Gremlins,’ and ‘Chucky’ film fans.

Synopsis for Bad Milo!:

Ken is an average guy who works at an average office job. But he starts to get pains in his stomach whenever he feels stressed out. Things get worse every time he tries to just hide his stress, by burying it inside. It all comes to a head when that “stress” is turned in to an actual little beast that exits his body via his butt and takes revenge on the things that stress him out. But it soon starts to threaten the one thing he loves, his wife.


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