Breaking Bad: To’Hajiilee Review

Aaron Frias

Unreal. Absolutely unreal. If, for some reason, you had forgotten why you love Breaking Bad, here comes this episode that punches you in the stomach to remind you. It’s these types of episodes that make our hearts pound faster; that make us perspire while our fists clench until our knuckles turn white. “To’Hajiilee” was everything that we not only expect from Breaking Bad, but from modern television as a whole.

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The episode tried to get things flushed out. Walt had no leads on Jesse’s whereabouts and Jesse/Hank had no leads on Walt’s money. Therefore, both parties attempted to dig up each other in order to set up a trap. Seeing Andrea and Brock again this week was interesting enough but then seeing Walt at her house was just ridiculous. Walt likes to fly extremely close to the sun. Just like when Walt would visit Hank at his office, Walt being face-to-face with a kid he poisoned is nerve-wracking. Not to mention the look on Brock’s face whenever he sees Walt makes me feel bad for the kid. He clearly knows that Walt was the reason he went to the hospital but Brock’s the type of child who respects the adults. He’s very well-behaved but understands more than Andrea. It makes me even more sad that Brock knows his mother is being manipulated by Walt but still doesn’t say anything. He is clearly afraid of Walt and I don’t blame him.

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Unfortunately for Walt, his plan to lure Jesse to Andrea’s street to be killed doesn’t work because Hank is now working with Jesse, while Walt is working with Todd’s neo-Nazi Uncle’s crew. Although Walt still cares a whole lot about Jesse, he still underestimates his intelligence. Now matter how much Jesse matures, he will still be that unmotivated, druggie kid that will never amount to anything in Walt’s eyes. Because of this, Jesse helped Hank get the upper hand. They set him up by luring Walt to the desert where he buried the money. Even more interesting is that Walt finally gets arrested for his actions at the exact same location where his reign would begin. Next to the cow houses.

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Before we discuss the main event, let’s focus on Todd and his associates for a moment. Although Todd often applies himself and will do whatever it takes to bring home the gold, he acts without thinking or asking questions. He filled in Jesse’s spot for Walt. Todd refers to Walt as “Mr. White” and Jesse now refers to him as “Walt”. Now Todd does whatever Walt says. But with that comes a price. At this point, the entire world misses Heisenberg’s famous blue meth and Lydia’s buyers know the difference. The bar has been set incredibly high. Now that Todd’s uncle is getting involved with the meth cooking, they want Walt to do a couple more cooks to teach Todd. The trade off would be for Jesse to die a quick death. Walt agrees but only one cook after Jesse dies. Walt is trying to leave his past behind him but he allows it to catch up with him.

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Then we have the shootout. Hank and Gomie were incredibly outnumbered by Jack’s crew. And really, the whole thing was a complete misunderstanding and it proves even more so that Walt truly cares for Jesse and Hank. Walt thought that Jesse was going to be alone in the desert and that’s why Jack was given the coordinates. The moment Walt saw that Jesse was with Hank was the moment where he knew he lost. The agony of defeat in Walt’s eyes was heartbreaking even though he deserved to finally lose. Hank had won. Gomie telling him congratulations and Marie in tears of happiness only meant that something ugly was about to rear its head towards them. Without trying to understand the situation, Jack and his goons show up and open fire in what was probably the most intense scene in the show’s history. Of course, people seem to think they’re smart when they ask why no one was able to hit their targets. It is a good question, but put yourselves in their shoes. They know that at any given moment, their lives could end. Everyone can get scared for their lives, even the tough guys. Not to mention that everyone is blind firing because everyone’s unsure how many enemies there are to shoot. Vince Gilligan has stated that the show takes place in a fictional world and there are some elements to the show that wouldn’t work in our world. At the end of the day, that is perfectly okay because the man knows exactly what he’s doing. In fact, he’s one of the very few producers where I accept everything that happens. I don’t question it and I don’t contradict anything. Everything is done for a reason and as a result it has become one of the greatest shows in television history.

Walter White is a cancer. Not only is he dying of cancer but he is a cancer to everyone that he interacts with in his life. Almost everything done in this show is because of his actions. As Hank told Skylar previously, he has destroyed so many lives, physically and mentally. They wouldn’t be suffering if it weren’t for the great Heisenberg. Walt’s use for the M60 and the ricin in the future is slowly beginning to make more sense as the weeks go by. With only three more episodes left, our world may not be prepared for the bittersweet greatness of an ending that we will be seeing very soon.


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