Alex Barker

Outer-Space Week! As we celebrate the release of the epic sci-fi sequel Star Trek Into Darkness, here are a few other sci-fi classics that are worth checking out!

Star Trek, 2009

Well, this should come as no surprise. One of the best sci-fi films of the 2000’s, this film’s caught most people off-guard. Taking the classic elements of the morality play-style and great character elements of the original films, Abrams and his team punched up the adrenaline meter for the franchise, providing one of the more exciting and fun summer films in many a year. The space-jumping scene is particular thrilling.

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The War of the Worlds, 1953

One of sci-fi’s most iconic and enduring classics, this film is based after HG Wells’ epic tale of humanity’s desperate fight against the Martians. The film is set in what was then modern-day US, and was terrifying for its day. Ok, let’s be honest. It’s still pretty terrifying. Good thing we know there’s no Earth-hungry Martians, right?

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The War of the Worlds

Monsters, 2010

Films like these are a sure sign for low-budget sci-fi’s to come. Monsters follows the journey of a disgruntled journalist agreeing to escort an American tourist to the US by traveling across the ‘Infected Zone’, a large expanse of the Mexican country just south of the border. This land is filled with strange alien creatures, formed since a NASA probe containing live specimens from a distant moon crash-landed on Earth. On his journey, the man learns what it means to see simply beyond the lens of his camera. Shot opportunistically, this bare-bone budget film is a sight to see, and an inspiration for filmmakers and film viewers alike that intelligent & thrilling science fiction films can be produced without a large studio backing it.

$2.99 – iTunes

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