Best of TV This Week: Getting weird with puzzles and George Washington’s Bible

Hey everyone and welcome to my new weekly roundup of the best TV has to offer, rolling out every Friday. This week the beginning of the fall premieres and returns began to trickle in, and of course we’re still winding up some epic summer shows so it was the perfect week to begin. So without further ado, here’s the best of TV this week:


Sleepy Hollow (Mondays, 9PM FOX)

Look, I’m not really into new shows. I’m of the opinion shows aren’t good until they round episode six or so, but some pilots have actually been written well lately, who knew? Sleepy Hollow looked like another terrible high-concept show (who remembers that dinosaurs-meet-Lost show? See, no one), but it turns out this show is actually reminiscent of classic 90s Fox. It’s genre, it’s supernatural, it’s cheesy but scary and wants to establish a mythology. More importantly, it features a pretty sassy, self-assured time-traveling Ichabod Crane and a bemused skeptic of a Lieutenant, Abbie Mills. They team up. It’s Mulder and Scully meets Teen Wolf meets Criminal Minds meets American history. Also, the fact that George Washington’s Bible acts as the portal to all evil, supernatural mysteries hence forth makes this show amazing. In a way, Ichabod and Abbie are taking up George Washington’s evil fighting mandate and that makes their mission the most important thing of all time. Also bantering sexual tension.


The Mindy Project (Tuesdays, 9:30PM on FOX)

I struggled with Mindy all through last year. I wanted to like it soooo badly. Then I gave up. Then, like what happens, it got good. I watched again, I was down. So I tuned in for the premiere and was immediately like…scream-texting all of the one liners to my friends (sorry). What New Girl does with chaotic scenarios and general insanity, Mindy does in amazing one-liners. I mean, “I’m not gonna take advice from a woman who can’t even hold on to her non-essential organs!” was my personal favorite, any others? There were like twenty. And, it’s not just me who’s actually flipping out over how obvious it is that Danny loves Mindy ooooor? He’s so cranky and lovable, like the much more put together Nick Miller. Guys, they wrote each other letters! Letters. Also, James Franco.


New Girl (Tuesdays, 9PM on FOX) 

Let’s face it, New Girl is the sunshine of everyones lives. It’s the actual definition of tomfoolery. There used to be the characters that grounded the crazies, and now they’re just all certifiably insane and it’s great. The premiere dropped right back in from the finale and its momentum was palpable. Nick and Jess’ frenzied utterance of “All in!” as a means to escape reality and its potential pitfalls was both hilarious and a spot on way to deal with their budding relationship. This show handles them so well it’s a little unreal. But this premiere also saw Winston wearing a sweatshirt as pants and gettin’ ruuuuul weird with puzzles, Schmidt’s co-dependence on Nick resulting in obsessive texts and calls, and lest we forget the greatest moment of all: Nick threatening the Mexican police that he would “POINT BREAK STYLE THIS MOMENT” as he splashed around in the ocean. Because of course he would compare himself to Swayze. Oh, Nick Miller.

tumblr_mt74vgtwGu1qg2nrdo4_r1_500 (1)

Breaking Bad (Sundays, 9PM on AMC) 

Do I even need to write a thing? FOX may have hit it out of the park this week, but this week’s episode of Breaking Bad was unlike anything I’d ever seen on television, and that’s saying a lot. It was unreal. How was it real? From Hank’s strong willed conviction holding steadfast to the very end, to Walt’s incessant cockroaching. Yes that’s a verb I just made up. It means to get by by any gross and bug-like means possible. This week was the episode where Walt lost, where his ability to manipulate and talk his way out of anything failed him. And for all of the velocity of the episode, including Jesse’s brush with almost-death and his subsequent enslaving, the domestic dispute and Skyler’s despair, that phonecall; I can’t stop thinking about what this episode really boiled down to. Walt is a coward. Hank, ASAC Schrader, was truly brave. As was this hour of television. Just, wow.

Until next week…

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