Breaking Bad “Granite State” Review

Aaron Frias

Granite State vs. Gray Matter. After 5 years of fantastic television-programming, we will finally get to witness the dramatic conclusion to Walter White’s story next week. Vince Gilligan has given us a roller-coaster ride that no other show or amusement park could ever offer. With just one more episode remaining, how is it possible that everything will be wrapped and tied up? There’s only so much that the creators can make and fit into the series finale, much like how Walter was only able to fit $100,000 into that tiny box for his family after everything he’s done.

The one question that has been on everyone’s minds involves the M60 in Walt’s trunk. What is his plan? Not only is he going to use extreme force, but he also has the ricin as well. Those are two extreme opposite and bi-polar ways to kill. We have massive destruction with the M60 and silent murder with the ricin. Is the M60 for Todd’s family and the ricin for Gretchen and Elliott? The way they completely threw Walt under the bus was disheartening. Just as Walt was about to turn himself in and accept his fate, here come the Schwartzes on TV trying to protect their name from the bad press the White family has been getting. I love the way the interviewer completely called them out over the reason why Gray Matter all of sudden would start a grant program during a man-hunt for Elliott’s former business associate. They truly do not understand the sleeping beast that they have just awoken by saying that the only thing Walt contributed to the company was the name itself. Again, Walt was ready to accept his punishment, then his ego got the best of him once again.

Let’s discuss Saul’s “guy”. When we first heard of this gentleman, he had business cards that said that he sells vacuums. When the episode begins, we see an actual vacuum shop to which Saul is amazed that he actually does sell vacuums like Gus sold chicken. Every smart illegal business man has a front which shows how professional they are to their jobs and clients. I would love to eat at Los Pollos Hermanos because it was probably some of the best fast-food chicken money could buy. Therefore, if a man can make you disappear from the face of the planet without killing, I’m sure that I could also buy an amazing vacuum from the same person. I found it hilarious that Saul wants a new identity despite the fact that his face is on commercials and billboards all over the city. Considering that, Saul only had to stay low-key for two days, maybe three. This guy is good.

With Walt coughing up a lung while trying to make a point with Saul, his lawyer is completely done with Walt. His final suggestion was to turn himself in or they will go after Skylar and the kids. Saul was fine helping other clients win insurance frauds and other small and shady things so his clients could get an extra buck or two. But with Walt, not even Johnnie Cochran could help him get out of trouble. Saul is an extremely smart and sassy character. He knows the law so well that he knows how to cleverly cut corners and find the loop holes. But he sees no bright future with Walt. He knew the risk was too high and that there was no way out. Hence, Saul and Walt had to part ways.

Skylar meeting with the DEA and her zoning out while time slowed down was very similar to when Walt first found out he had cancer. Each were asked if they were paying attention and are able to repeat everything that was said to them. She then heads home with a cop car outside the house and then moments later here comes Jack’s crew holding the baby hostage. I love how Todd doesn’t disguise his voice and stays calm while talking to Skylar. It actually made Todd sound even more cold-blooded, despite how socially awkward he can be. Plus, his obvious crush on Lydia practically saved Jesse and Holly’s lives. If Jesse was willing to say all those things to two cops, how many more will he tell if they let him go. Lydia is expendable at this point but Todd keeps her relevant. Jack and his crew hit the lottery with Walt so they don’t need to cook anymore. Todd says that they should take the opportunity for more money, but really he wants to impress Lydia. However, with Jesse’s life spared, they decide to destroy his soul even more by killing Andrea in front of him. The boy’s fate is still undetermined but it can’t be good. Keep in mind that Jesse had been through so much ever since teaming up with Walt. He was barely able to keep himself together after the first 8 episodes of season 5. How could he possibly recover after everything that’s happened now?

Thinking back to the season 5 premiere and seeing Walt with hair and new glasses, the mystery of how he got that way was finally answered. The extractor gave him new glasses, his hair has grown and a full beard is in effect. Walt is warned that if he leaves his new designated area, he will be caught, if not killed. At this point, we should know better than to think Walt ever plays by rules. Him looking down the empty and snowy road in front of him has been something that he’s used to seeing. A cold opportunity that ends with negative results. He wanted the easy route but ignored the upcoming consequences. I have a feeling this episode will be the last time we ever see him wear that famous black hat. It’s also sad to see that the only family photos that he has for his new house are from the newspaper and he hangs them on the wall.

Many years after the show ends, and even though we won’t see it, I can see Walter Jr. legally changing his name to Flynn. He is disgusted and disappointed with Walt. He now wants nothing to do with his father and now Holly will only know Walt through negative stories and bad press. Skylar doesn’t have a clue where Walt is so she will endure a harsh conclusion whether it’s prison or suicide. As I’ve stated before, Walter White is a cancer. He got into this business for many different reasons but the ultimate reason was for his family. And now, the family is worse off than before. In fact, everyone that he has interacted with is way worse off then they ever were. We’ve seen 61 episodes with only one remaining. It will be a wild ride and I expect to talk about it for years to come.

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