Bryce Dallas Howard, The Franchise Queen


It was announced today that Bryce Dallas Howard, daughter of famed director Ron Howard, is in talks to star in the highly anticipated film Jurassic World (2015). This would be her fourth film franchise in which she did not appear in the first installments. Howard joined the Terminator franchise in it’s fourth installment, Terminator Salvation, as Kate Connor. She also starred in Spider-Man 3 as Gwen Stacy, and replaced Rachelle Lefevre in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse as the love scorned vengeful vampire, Victoria. Howard has also had considerable fame in non-franchise related films such as The Help and 50/50.

It’s incredibly interesting that this seems to be a common theme among Bryce’s career. Having to face the weight of a franchise seems challenging enough, but to have to walk into the middle of that franchise when fans may have already connected with the other actor is daunting. In the case of Eclipse, Lefevre had minor contract conflicts which forced Summit to recast the role. Fans were upset that Victoria, a crucial character in the third installment of the franchise, was recast in the first place and it seems that Summit made an irrational decision to scrap Lefevre without any negotiations. Bryce joined the Twilight franchise with that burden on her shoulders. However, I think she played Victoria incredibly well and it seems the fans were ultimately satisfied given the circumstances.

Bryce joined the other two franchises as a newly introduced character so she didn’t have the hardship of replacing an already well known one but, there has to be a great deal of pressure when you virtually have no idea what you’re walking into. Seeing as Bryce is an old pro at the franchise game, I think she will give us a stellar performance as always and become a reliable staple in the franchise world for years to come.

Do you think it’s offensive to the fans to replace actors for the sake of a story or do you think studios need to cater more to the originally cast actor’s schedule? Do you think joining franchises that are already well underway is a challenge? Would you like to see Bryce Dallas Howard participate in more franchises? Leave a comment below and tell me what you guys think!

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