He Said/She Said Movie Review: ‘Gravity’


Do different genders see films differently? We set out to see what a male and female movie reviewer each have to say about the same film.

Film: Gravity

Synopsis (via IMDb): A medical engineer and an astronaut work together to survive after an accident leaves them adrift in space.

Sum up the movie in 2 sentences:

Fraisia: Easily one of the most visually stunning movies of all time. Cuaron’s directing and Bullock’s performance will keep your heart racing as you watch a terrified woman battle the silence of space.

J.S.: Gravity may very well engulf audiences into its scenario more than any film in existence. This physical ordeal single-handedly testifies of the power and fortitude of IMAX and 3D (which is how you should seek out this film).

What did you like about the movie?

Fraisia: The movie was visually BEAUTIFUL and also exciting. I really do not enjoy the idea of space. I don’t like to think about it because it freaks me out A LOT but, I was completely glued to my seat for the entire 91 minutes of this film. I loved the dialogue between Sandra Bullock’s character Ryan and George Clooney’s character Matt; I found it to be very natural and playful without being distracting or awkward. The special effects were INSANE. There were multiple moments where I actually thought, “Wow, how did they film a movie in space??” Yeah, I’m dumb but it was seriously that good.

J.S.: While the film shows off on every technical level imaginable it walks the walk and talks the talk. It’s an incredible feat in directing, cinematography, visual effects work and 3D-conversion.

What did you dislike about the movie?

Fraisia: I didn’t particularly enjoy the 3D. There was a lot of spinning going on, which I found to be really hard to watch especially in 3D and I did have to look away a few times to keep from vomiting all over the person in front of me. I avoid 3D movies at all costs because they usually cause me to have motion sickness but, this movie was free so I sucked it up. The fact that this was in space AND 3D was A LOT for me to handle. I found the 3D to be pretty distracting for most of the film, but I could tell it was done really well. I appreciated it because I think it made the special effects look more real but, it could have looked just as beautiful not in 3D. I think you’d win either way, honestly.

J.S.: The writing was the weakest element in its periodic table, but it suited the astronauts fine enough for general audience fair. I would have liked to see some new (unknown) faces in the two helmets instead of Bullock and Clooney, but they’re fine actors and they put in very fine work here. The soundtrack, while powerful, was too commandeering at times.

What was your favorite part?

Fraisia: My favorite part was just watching Sandra Bullock’s character Ryan try so incredibly hard to save her own life. You are completely out of control up there; it’s the epitome of terrifying. One slip of your hand and you’re gone forever. If you get lost on Earth, there’s a possibility that someone will find you. If you get lost in space, you are done. You watch her fight for her existence. It really puts a lot things in perspective. A movie hasn’t done that for me in a long time so I was pretty blown away.

J.S.: The first 20 shots 😉 That opening shot was an especially rewarding exercise in the long-take.

Would you recommend it to people?

Fraisia: 100% YES. I hate space and 3D and I still freaking loved this movie. I think that says a lot about the production value of this film. I really couldn’t find anything wrong with the movie itself (other than really stupid petty details that I barely noticed anyway). I truly enjoyed it even when it made me want to explode with feels. See it IMMEDIATELY. Seriously. If you’re a 3D person then I recommend seeing it in IMAX 3D to get the entire experience. You definitely won’t regret it.

J.S.: Any and every soul I’m fortunate to meet in life.

Rating It

1 – Pluto Status, 2 – Newton Disapproves, 3 – Meteor-ocre, 4 – Stellar, 5 – Out Of This World


Special Effects– 5, Out of this World.

3D– I’ll give it a 3, Meteor-ocre, although I do not think it was actually “mediocre”. I thought it was done well, just not for me.

Writing– 4, Stellar. There wasn’t much dialogue but I thought that the writing that was in the movie was incredibly natural.

Sandra Bullock’s Panic Level– Sandy’s mah girl. 5, Out of this World.

Overall Film– 5, Out of this World. I can’t believe I’m actually giving a movie that takes place entirely in space a 5/5 rating. I hate space. Like, a lot. But this movie was incredible. I’d see it again a thousand times and have the same anxious, panicked reactions but love it just as much. A big Oscar contender, for sure.


Special Effects– Out Of This World

3D– Out Of This World

Writing– Meteor-ocre

Sandra Bullock’s Panic Level– Stellar

Overall Film– Out Of This World


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