5 Ways The New ‘Catching Fire’ Spot Tugs On Your Heart Strings

The new Hunger Games: Catching Fire extended spot came out this week, and it is by far the most emotional edit we have seen yet. Here are five ways it pulls on your heart strings, brings a tear to the eye, and makes us wish this film came out, like, yesterday.

1. Slow and emotional music written specifically for the film. Coldplay’s “Atlas” repeats “Carry Your World” behind new footage emphasizing the weight on Katniss’s shoulders as she begins to transform into the Mockingbird, the symbol of the revolution.

Cold Play Atlas

2. The opening exchange between Gale and Katniss as she asks him if he will be at the train station, to which he replys… probably not. This might depend on if you’re team Gale or team Peeta. However, either way, Gale is Katniss’s great childhood friend, and the one person she’s always had to rely on in her district. The fact that he won’t even meet her at the train station really causes some stirring sympathy and sets up the rest of this sad TV Spot.

Katniss Train StationGale Train Station

3. Peeta’s emotional appeal to Katniss to not ignore each other behind the cameras. Poor guy, all he wants is a little lovin’.

Peeta Katniss Posting For Cameras

4. The sweet sisterly love when Primrose assures Katniss they will support her. “We’re With You.”


5. The gasp as Katniss spreads her wings on stage at the end of the spot. You almost want to gasp with her after having your emotions teased for a solid minute.

audienceCapitol Wings

Watch The Spot Now –

One response to “5 Ways The New ‘Catching Fire’ Spot Tugs On Your Heart Strings

  1. That’s not Jena Malone, that’s an extra in the audience. Jena Malone is behind Katniss in the moment of the Mockingjay transformation.

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