CHECK IT OUT! The New, The Classic, The Obscure: The Wonderful World of Rentals

Alex Barker

Scary. Edge of your seat. Fun to see with friends. Here are three quality rental picks that just may keep you leaving the lights on.

Let Me In2010

Part horror, part cautionary tale, this young kids vampire movie is an excellent remake from an equally terrifying predecessor Let the Right One InDirected by Matt Reeves, the man behind the roller coaster of a ride, Cloverfield, the story of Let Me In uses tension and violence to serve a unnerving purpose, and is a convicting look into the so-called innocent things we let into our own lives.

Amazon- $3.99

Google Play -$2.99

iTunes – $2.99

YouTube – NA


This was the height of M. Night Shyamalan’s skill, both as a commercially viable director and an equally critically acclaimed master of suspense. Set in the rural area of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, a small family is forced to hunker down amidst an alien invasion. With each scene the growing sense of dread is coupled with intimacy and humor of family, giving us the ability to breathe. It’s a good thing Shyamalan lets us too – some of these scenes will make you look twice out your window before going to bed.

Amazon – $2.99

Google Play – $2.99

iTunes – $2.99

YouTube – $2.99

The Birds, 1963

Mother Nature going postal. It’s a deceptively simple plot, but within this plot are some of the most thought-provoking scenes in all of horror. Hitchcock’s mastery of timing and camera work is abundantly evident in this edge of your seat classic.

Amazon – $2.99

Google Play – $2.99

iTunes – $2.99

YouTube – $2.99


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