An Open Letter to…Stop Motion Halloween Films

Happy belated Halloween! Since Halloween was just yesterday, I decided to squeeze in one more Halloween themed article. Some of my favorite spooky films happen to not only be Halloween themed but also, stop motion animated! I adore animation in general (an open letter loving on animation will debut in the near future!), but stop motion is insanely fascinating. While I love all stop motion animated movies, my open letter today is to our fave stop motion animated HALLOWEEN MOVIES!

Dear Stop Motion Halloween Films,

I love you a lot. You are not only some of the most iconic films in movie history, but you set the standard for stop motion animation long ago. Stop motion animation has actually been around since the 1930s and became increasingly popular with the release of all those awesome old Christmas movies we know and love such as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town, and Jack Frost. I get anxiety just thinking about how all those incredibly talented artists created our favorite stop motion films. It’s such a grueling process but ultimately, so rewarding that I guess it makes sense in the end. Especially when the final product is something like The Nightmare Before Christmas or Paranorman, two of my absolute favorite stop motion Halloween films! I know Paranorman isn’t EXACTLY a Halloween film per se BUT, it’s spooky and involves ghosts and zombies so let’s just let it slide this one time, yeah?

Stop motion Halloween films, you really know what’s up. The Nightmare Before Christmas is not only one of the most BEAUTIFUL films I’ve ever seen, it’s also hilarious and awesome and SCARY! I honestly didn’t see it in it’s entirety until I was an adult because it scared the crap out of me (all these open letters continually prove how much of a scaredy cat I was as a kid). Those creepy little mask kids kidnap “Sandy Claws” and then start giving kids all sorts of gross stuff as presents on Christmas. Come on, tell me that’s not scary to someone under 10! Okay I admit, I was clearly a coward as a kid but NONE THE LESS, TNBC is still pretty creepy, but now I’m more blown away by the music and animation rather than the scary parts. The music kills it in this movie! EVERYONE knows where “This is Halloween” came from and how much it truly embodies this film. I don’t know if I’d love TNBC as much if it wasn’t stop motion, too. Tim Burton seriously knows how to make a killer stop motion film seeing as he did bless us with the stop motion masterpieces James and the Giant Peach, Corpse Bride and Frankenweenie, (I refuse to watch Frankenweenie because the live action version of that film scarred me for life. Again, I am the worst I know.) three incredibly iconic films that crushed it in stop motion animation. Tim Burton knows how to turn up the creep factor in almost any film he does too, which is what makes these films so exciting to watch on Halloween!

What I love about The Nightmare Before Christmas is that for some people, it’s a Halloween film and for others, it’s a Christmas movie. For me, it’s both! Although, I will say that I watch it most during the Halloween season. But really, who’s going to change the channel if they see TNBC on TV during any season? NO ONE THAT’S WHO CUZ IT’S AMAZING. You really are some of the greatest films stop motion Halloween films. Even if you’re not outrightly set during Halloween like Paranorman and Corpse Bride, you’re creepy enough that you make us feel like we’re watching the characters experience the spookiness of the season. I don’t know about you guys but, any film that can do that and has kick a$$ stop motion is a major win in my book. Never stop raising the bar in not only the animation world, but also the film world because you are some kind of crazy amazing witchcraft and I WILL NEVER QUIT YOU STOP MOTION HALLOWEEN MOVIES. NEVER.

Now go and watch those stop motion Halloween movies we all love ASAP! You’ve still got time movie fans! GO! DO IT FOR SANDY CLAWS!

Happy (belated) Halloween to all and to all a good FRIGHT!

Sin-FEAR-ly (sorry had to),

Fraisia W. Logan



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