CHECK IT OUT! The New, The Classic, The Obscure: The Wonderful World of Rentals

Alex Barker

With Thor 2: The Dark World soon invading theaters, here are a few films that feature the man behind the meddlesome brother Loki, Tom Hiddleston.

Midnight in Paris2011

Light-hearted and meaningful, this Woody Allen classic gives us a thoughtful reminder to how often we view the distant past with rose-colored glasses. Tom Hiddleston’s role as F. Scott Fitzgerald is subdued yet effective, playing the perfect balance between frustration he bears towards his personal life, while maintaining a very real sense of warm hospitality with Gil, played by Owen Wilson.

Amazon- $9.99 (Purchase Only)

Google Play -$9.99 (Purchase Only)

iTunes – $9.99 (Purchase Only)

YouTube – $9.99 (Purchase Only)

War Horse, 2011

Spielberg’s under-appreciated epic of friendship between man and horse, this moderately successful film was found to be too sentimental by some. But in loving tribute to such sentimentality in the styles of John Ford  and Frank Capra, Spielberg pulls this story off with a genuine sense of classic film-making at its finest. This is one of Spielberg’s better entries this side of the 2000s, and Tom Hiddleston’s character of Captain Nicholls gives us a haunting picture of what it was to be a gentleman as well as a warrior.

Amazon $1.99

Google Play – $2.99

iTunes – $2.99

YouTube – $2.99

The Avengers, 2012

Well, let’s be honest. This has to be on the list. Though chances are, you, your friends and even your pet goldfish have seen this smash hit of the 2012 summer. Tom Hiddleston’s character of Loki took on new and yet unseen ground, unearthing further complexity between the love and hate relationship between brothers at odds. It’s a shamelessly indulgent popcorn spectacle, but truth be told, with a name like The Avengers, it makes perfect sense.

Amazon – $0 (FREE with Amazon Prime)

Google Play – $14.99 (Purchase Only)

iTunes – $14.99 (Purchase Only)

YouTube – $14.99 (Purchase Only)


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