‘The Raid 2’ Teaser Trailer Has Arrived

The first official teaser trailer for The Raid 2 (Berandal) dropped this morning and it kicks as much a** as fans of the first could possibly hope for. Gareth Evans is back in the director’s chair after knocking our socks off with his segment in V/H/S/2, how he stayed busy between the first Raid film and its highly anticipated sequel.

For those action aficionados among you who have yet to see the first film, run (don’t walk) to your nearest means of seeing it – and I recommend avoiding the English dub. The first film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival back in 2011. The fandom began there and only grew to eruption when it released at other festivals and then theatrically in 2012. I caught it twice in the theater, having never seen an action/martial arts film that packed as big of a punch. The simplicity of its premise, a police squad raiding a gang-ruled apartment structure in Jakarta, Indonesia, mixed with the way it unfolded in almost real-time, laid the foundation for something truly tremendous. Reportedly The Raid 2 picks up *just two hours!* after the first film and follows Rama (Iko Uwais) pushing deeper into the local crime syndicate and facing further corruption of the police. It’s another easy setup and excuse to stage one action scene after another, which is all we really want, right?

From the looks of this first teaser we’ll be watching showdowns in a variety of locales instead of just a bare concrete building. This time around the action looks to be taken to fields of tall grass, a public escalator, subway cars, sedans and… more bare concrete buildings. We’re assaulted by a multitude of punching, kicking, shooting, stabbing (and baseball?). Plus, there’s going to be some female action (that sounded bad) this time around including “Hammer Girl” played by Julie Estelle. It’s clear that the film looks to raise the bar on its predecessor in every way, not unlike V/H/S/2 actually. This preview is book ended and inter cut by someone simply known as “Prisoner,” who takes all his training fury out on a defenseless chalk figure on his cell wall.  That’s all we know and that’s all I want to know. But my guess is this is Rama’s next formidable foe. How he’ll possibly compare to Mad Dog is beyond me.

Courtesy of Cinema Teaser

Courtesy of Cinema Teaser

I follow Evans on Twitter and the guy is an ideal filmmaker for our generation, embracing social media and geeking out over other pop culture with the rest of us. By far the best part of reading Evans’ Tweets are the insights he’s been providing into the production process of The Raid 2. He’s said the trailers should in total only show us 3-4 minutes of the film (counting today’s 1 minute and 19 seconds), which won’t be that spoiler-ish when you take into account the film’s 1 hour and 5 minutes worth of action alone.

There’s no official release date yet, but expect to find The Raid 2 in some capacity later in 2014.

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3 responses to “‘The Raid 2’ Teaser Trailer Has Arrived

  1. Actually, the sole guy savagely punching the chalk outline inside his cell is none other than our hero Rama in buzz haircut.

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