The Walking Dead “Indifference” Review

By, Aaron Frias

Right off the bat, I have to say that the titles of these episodes really have me intrigued.  They are simple and sum up the episode quite nicely.  Next week’s episode is entitled, “Internment”.  That’ll make four episodes with titles beginning with an “I”.  Season 4 has felt like a puzzle with all the pieces slowly falling into place but slow as if a feather is falling from the sky.  Although the show is still dragging its feet like a walker, I’m seeing a pot of gold at the end.  The circumstances that these characters have been facing are a huge improvement over Season 3’s plot.  Things are falling apart for everyone in the prison and at this point it’s survival of the absolute fittest.

Seeing the flashbacks of Carol brutally stabbing David and Karen before they had even turned was unsettling.  It was possible that she was lying about killing them but the flashback confirms that she was responsible.  However, I’d like to offer a theory and say that maybe it was Rick’s envisioning of how the killings went down and not Carol’s.  I didn’t even think she had it in her and Rick feels the same.  I worry that she’s trying to take away any kind of hope from Lizzie who truly believes that the person is at least “something” when they turn.  I liked the role that the writers were giving her of a motherly figure.  But now she’s quickly become a no-exceptions, paranoid character who can no longer stay in the prison.

Why is it that whenever this show introduces new faces to the screen, I have zero faith in their survival of the episode?  Well that was the fate for poor Ana and possibly Sam as well.  And noticed how her leg looks cleanly cut and not torn off?  My guess is that Sam and Ana were ambushed and he sliced her leg to use her as bait so he could escape.  Rick already told them about the prison so I won’t be surprised if we see him again.  At this point, everyone shouldn’t be so trusting, especially Rick.  I know he wants to help everyone but I would be extra cautious.

One new face that seems to be a regular character is Bob.  I imagine that things like alcohol would be in short supply being that there’s an apocalypse occurring so who wouldn’t want to down a cold one?  So I do enjoy seeing him choose between a drink or his own survival.  Every time he gets tempted, even thinking about drinking, it has a negative consequence for him.  The first was when the ceiling collapsed when he grabbed the bottle to make the shelf topple over.  This time around, he was fighting like hell to prevent his bag from being taken from the walkers.  I don’t blame Daryl for getting upset with him because what he did was incredibly stupid and risky.  Not to mention that he didn’t pack any medicine in his bag.  This won’t be the last of Bob’s alcoholism I predict as it will cause future problems for everyone.  He’s two for two.

Tyreese wasn’t too bad this episode.  He’s been coming to light for the most part and is moving on, but can still be a nuisance.  So far, I feel as if the writers are completely misusing this character.  I don’t like seeing him become a liability  and he has become unreliable.  Why was he allowing the walker to overtake?  Just annoying.  I did like his talk with Michonne in which she questioned his intentions.  He counters that by asking why she still looks for The Governor (is he ever coming back??).  No one has mentioned his character until this moment and I was surprised that Michonne was still looking for him.  I mean, she never mentioned a word about him this season.  The way the relationships and friendships have been dwindling away, I fear that a civil war may ensue at the prison.

The final moments of this episode feel like it could be the start of the main plot of this season.  We’ve seen a lot of buildup for something but still no results.  Since Rick and Carol could not come to terms on the ethics over David and Karren, Carol had to leave and was very happy over this decision.  She has been taking things into her own hands and has no right to make decisions for everyone else.  Besides, it’s better if she’s as far away as possible from Tyreese once he realizes that Carol killed Karren.  Right, Carol can “handle” Tyreese.  Good luck.  I just hope she doesn’t become the main villain.  Is she going to come back with an eye-patch wearing a black leather jacket?  Is she going to form an alliance with the Governor?  I really hope not.  To the writers, I beg you, please don’t be cliche, and give us something “Season 1” quality.  But hey, doesn’t the title of the episode make more sense now?

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