CHECK IT OUT! The New, The Classic, The Obscure: The Wonderful World of Rentals

Alex Barker

Orange and red coloring the foliage. The crisp morning air. The crunching of leaves beneath your feet. The distant echoes of a college football game. As the final weeks of autumn are all too quickly coming to a close, here are some fall classics that you can enjoy time and time again.

October Sky1999

From the heartland of West Virginia comes the story of how four friends began a journey in their love for rocket science that had everyone looking up to the heavens. Incredibly sentimental and inspirational coupled with some of the finest work by Jake Gyllenhaal and Chris Cooper, this directorial effort by Joe Johnston is a welcome story of perseverance, family and brotherhood.

Amazon- $2.99

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Dead Poets Society1989

“Carpe Diem. Seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary.” One of my personal favorites, this film breathes the essence of fall. Set in 1950s American Northeast, this Peter Weir classic tells the tale how one teacher (played with vibrance by Robin Williams) helps a group of boarding school boys challenge the norms of their daily lives and society’s expectations. With some of the most inspirational speeches given in film, this coming-of-age tale is not one to be missed. You too will want to seize the day with difference and hope.

Amazon – $2.99

Google Play – $2.99

iTunes – $2.99

YouTube – $2.99

Rudy, 1993

From the creators of Hoosiers comes a film that defies expectations of the sports genre. Yes, this is a tale of a single character pursuing his dream of playing for the Notre Dame football program but it touches on something else entirely. Rudy is the one that everyone says could never succeed. But as the story progresses, he learns that success lies not simply with the goal being achieved. It is the sheer decisiveness of will, of trying with all of one’s might and how that integrity of effort and diligence can inspires others around you in ways you might not expect. Simply put, Rudy is us. The common human being reaching beyond what might seem achievable.

Amazon – $9.99 (Purchase Only)

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One response to “CHECK IT OUT! The New, The Classic, The Obscure: The Wonderful World of Rentals

  1. Alex,
    Thank you for sharing fall movie favorites. Excellent choices…I’m making my list of movies to watch again.

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