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Alex Barker

The trees are lit. The stockings stuffed. Crisp winter air is filling lungs and bringing back twinkling memories of yesteryears. Here are some excellent films to enjoy during this Yuletide season. Merry Christmas everyone!

A Christmas Carol, 1984 (CHECK LIST)

Originally premiering on television, this classic tale is given a darker edge not usually seen in other Christmas Carol film adaptations. Starring scene-chewing George C. Scott as the bah-humbugging Ebenezer Scrooge, this rendition of the classic tale movingly reminds us of the importance of loving our neighbor, no matter what the season may be.

Amazon- $5.99 (Purchase Only)

Google Play – NA

iTunes – $9.99 (Purchase Only)

YouTube – NA

Miracle on 34th Street1947

When a man who calls himself Kris Kringle is put to trial for charges of insanity for believing himself to be Santa Claus, it is not just those onscreen who are put to the test. We are. His eyes twinkle. His heart is pure. Edmund Gwenn’s embodiment of jolly Father Christmas is the St. Nick we remember from childhood. Nominated for Best Picture in 1947, this is a thought-provoking and highly entertaining Christmas classic.

Amazon $2.99

Google Play – $2.99

iTunes – $2.99

YouTube – $2.99

Joyeux Noel, 2006

When Christmas came in 1916 World War I, men on both sides of the trenches did the unthinkable: they put aside their weapons for the day. Filled with incredibly well-balanced acting, engaging scenes and beautiful cinematography, Joyeux Noel is a Christmas tale of a different, more gritty sort. Based on the true story of a group of French, English and German soldiers, this film beautifully captures the true meaning of Christmas; a reminder that the hope which springs from a newborn child two thousand years ago still brings good will towards all people.

Amazon – FREE with Prime Subscription

Google Play – $7.99 (Purchase Only)

iTunes – $9.99 (Purchase Only)

YouTube – $7.99 (Purchase Only)


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