CHECK IT OUT! The New, The Classic, The Obscure: The Wonderful World of Rentals

Alex Barker

In anticipation of Spike Jonze’s Her, we feature three films that focus on human/technology relationships.

I, Robot 2004

A slick, fast-paced blockbuster, this Will Smith-driven film is great fodder for popcorn and movie night parties. Featured CGI character Sonny is an intelligent and surprisingly soulful robot – providing us a thought-provoking look into what may well be the reachable future of robotic technology.

Amazon- $2.99

Google Play -$2.99

iTunes – $2.99

YouTube – $2.99

The Social Network, 2010

Diving into the corruption of wealth and over-ambition, David Fincher’s expertly directed drama tells the cautionary tale of the beginnings of Facebook. Miscommunication and social isolation fill the lives who invented a communication tool, reminding us that while a friend may be just a click away, one cannot forget the significance of in-person relationships.

Amazon $3.99

Google Play – $2.99

iTunes – $2.99

YouTube – $2.99

Network, 1976

A veritable classic, this fast-talking drama about life in the television industry is a quintessential 70’s film. After all the drama clears, and we see through the smoke and mirrors of media and the power that its technology does indeed possess, Network leaves us with a formidable question – do we own technology, or does it own us?

Amazon – $1.99

Google Play – $1.99

iTunes – $2.99

YouTube – $1.99


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