An Open Letter to…Christian Bale

Awards season has officially begun! There are so many incredible films being nominated this year, the competition is seriously tough! While watching one of the nominated films, American Hustle, I had an epiphany: I’ve become officially obsessed with Christian Bale. So this week, my open letter is to the iconic British actor, Christian Bale!

Dear Christian,

You sexy, talented, British man! How dare you be so good looking and awesome? It’s not fair but like, please don’t stop (like you could UGH). Christian, I love your versatility as an actor. You are the definition of an acting chameleon. You can play any role and honestly, you basically have at this point. I literally didn’t even know you were British until like, 2010 (let’s be honest, no one did AMIRIGHT?) and that alone proves how convincing you are in your performances. You go balls to the wall for your craft Christian, which at times is kind of scary but if that’s what you’re into, then by all means keep doing what you’re doing. You are the quintessential everyman actor who nails every role he’s ever been privileged to play (and you’re like really, really, ridiculously good looking) and for that I give you major kudos. You know what’s up, Christian!

Now that I’m done worshiping you to death (lulz…I’m not done), let’s get down to brass tacks. I’ve always been well aware of your major talent Christian, I just hadn’t really fallen in love with you until seeing American Hustle. I can’t tell you what it was really that didn’t pull the trigger until this last year. You were a stellar Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight, simply maniacal in American Psycho, and then scary skinny in The Fighter, but I think my favorite film of yours (other than American Hustle) is the coming of age film every teenage boy and girl grew up with: NEWSIES. Newsies is incredible for me not only because it’s a musical (I am painfully obsessed with musical theatre), but also because it’s just a really great movie. It has a handful of familiar faces (David Moscow, Max Casella, Arvie Lowe Jr., Aaron Lohr), some killer singing and dancing, and a memorable historical story. Newsies reminds us that those boys were just kids fighting for what they deserved in the fast-paced, ever changing world of big business in New York City. They’re continuously shot down over and over again until they force their exploitative bosses to finally hear their voices loud and clear. It’s quite an inspiring story layered underneath fun entertainment.

Look Christian, it’s clear that you’ve done some incredible things in your career and there’s no stopping you. With American Hustle, Out of the Furnace, Knight of Cups, Exodus, and countless other future projects under your belt, you’re clearly not going anywhere. You’ve proved yourself early on in your career and I think it’s safe to say that us fans are here to stay (especially me now that I am officially your biggest fan). Let me just fangirl here for a second; American Hustle wholeheartedly exceeded my initial expectations ten fold. The performances, yours and mah fave gal Jennifer Lawrence’s, were notably phenomenal. I’m hooked Christian, oh I am hooked FOR LIFE.

Never stop making cool films, but maybe like be careful with that whole extreme weight loss/gain thing in the future. I need you forever from now on so, don’t get too crazy with that process please. Just looking out for my new pal!

Your new forever fan,

Fraisia W. Logan




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