Alex Barker

This week’s theme is music. Both as a featured part of a film, or simply the film’s soundtrack, music plays an elemental part in the cinematic experience. Here are a few that nail it.

I Am Not A Hipster, 2012

From the director of the underground hit Short Term 12 comes the story of one man’s struggle in creating music and making amends. Surrounded by the music scene in San Diego, California but isolated by past regrets, Brook Hyde (played with raw intensity by Dominic Bogart) learns what it means to reconnect with his family and the world.

$3.99 – Amazon

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$2.99 – YouTube

O Brother, Where Art Thou?, 2000

One of my personal favorites in the use of music onscreen, this Coen Brothers-directed film has become a legend in relation to its soundtrack. The film, though moderately successful, sparked a much larger movement with its gospel and folk-based music. One Grammy win and 8 million albums later, O Brother Where Art Thou‘s music continues to inspire and astound. Enjoy the film that started it all. With or without the Dapper Dan.

$3.99 – Amazon

$2.99 – iTunes

$2.99 – Google Play

$2.99 – YouTube


Enter the mind of a madman. Amadeus follows the story of Mozart, through the perspective of the embittered and jealous composer Antonio Salieri (played to perfection by F. Murray Abraham). One of the better cautionary tales about the heart of envy, it contains some of the most brilliant music editing choices put to screen. Watch this masterpiece once, and you’ll never hear music the same way again.

$2.99 – Amazon

$2.99 – iTunes

NA – Google Play

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