Alex Barker

Oscar Edition Week Two! From the misty hills of Scotland, to the majestic peaks of Austria and the overwhelming scope of the Universe, it’s an epic week of Oscar winners and contenders.

Braveheart, 1995

“Every man diesnot every man truly lives.” With these soul-searching words, Mel Gibson’s epic of the Scottish rebellion against the English in the Middle Ages won the hearts of the Academy for Best Picture. It’s a feat of both high production value and classic storytelling. Who knows? At the end of the film, you too may paint your face blue. FREEDOM!

$2.99 – Amazon

$2.99 – iTunes

$2.99 – Google Play

$2.99 – YouTube

The Sound of Music, 1965

The hills are alive with the sound of Oscars! Winner of Best Picture and four additional Academy Awards, this story of the Austrian Von Trapp family stands the test of time as a testament that well-written music provides a key element to a story. It is one of the few musicals where every song (save for one) is an integral part of the story, not simply added-on for the sole purpose of entertaining. The result is extraordinary.

$2.99 – Amazon

$9.99 – iTunes (Purchase Only)

$2.99 – Google Play

$2.99 – YouTube

The Tree of Life2011

Magnificent in scope, intimate in its depth, Terrence Malick’s masterpiece is as confounding as it is awe-inspiring. Considered by many to be one of the most unique visions to come from the American cinematic world this side of the millennium, the film was nominated for a mere 3 Academy Awards in 2011, losing out to The Artist for Best Picture. It is a shame that the Academy did not see this film as visionary. For The Tree of Life is not simply a film. It is an experience and a wonder to behold.

$2.99 – Amazon

$2.99 – iTunes

NA – Google Play

NA – YouTube


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