An Open Letter to…Miles Teller

The hilarious bromance comedy That Awkward Moment makes it’s debut in theaters today! As much as I love Zac Efron and Michael B. Jordan, my personal favorite cast member happens to be that goofy cutie Miles Teller. So to celebrate this buddy comedy’s premiere, I’ve written my open letter this week to Miles Teller!

Dear Miles,

One word: dayum. Miles, you are so adorably cute, funny, and attractive. Most guys might not love being considered “adorable” but trust me on this, it’s a compliment. Women like the adorable ones (and the hotties but, I digress) and you are just as cute as they come. Look, I’m the kind of gal that likes a goofy looking dude. That doesn’t mean that you’re weird looking, au contraire, it just means that you’re relatable and supes hilarious and also hot (and damn can you pull off that tube sock look), so just take the compliment and run with it. You’re attractive AND seemingly normal…I might be getting off track here but, I think I’ve made my point which is that I like your face. THERE I SAID IT.

Miles, I’ve been a massive fan of yours ever since I saw you in the 2011 Footloose remake. The original Footloose, with Hottie McHots-a-Lot Kevin Bacon is easily one of my all time favorite movies ever. When I heard they were making a remake, I was pretty pumped for it. Some recent remakes royally blow (i.e. Fame, Prom Night, Straw Dogs, and the countless Texas Chainsaw Massacre remakes that people just won’t stop producing), but I had high expectations for the Footloose remake because the original is AWESOME. However, when I heard it was going to be an “updated” Footloose remake, meaning all the phenomenal original songs were out and replaced with hip hop (HOW DARE YOU), I was infuriated. I pretty much wrote it off entirely then and there and refused to see it. BUT, when it came out, it started getting pretty good reviews and I was curious how it had turned out so, I sucked it up and saw it in theaters. Honestly, I was completely blown away with how good it was! Your performance in particular was so spot on as Willard. I was absolutely entertained the entire time and was anything but disappointed. From that moment, I fell in love with you (as an actor, not as a person…gross) and I’ve made a massive effort to see all of your work since then.

You were crazy hysterical in 21 & Over and simply spectacular (heh heh heh #punz) in The Spectacular Now. Project X was…eh not great, but you’ve more than made up for that since so, I’ll let it slide. I have a thing for movies based on books and when I found out that you were cast in Divergent, I immediately ran out and read the book. Not only is it an incredible story, but the movie has you and Shailene Woodley playing some serious badasses. I can’t wait for Divergent and to finally see your other projects Whiplash and Get A Job (and possibly that John Belushi biopic!). Miles, you are such a relatable guy, a killer actor, and (as excessively stated before) one hell of a pretty face. You didn’t royally ruin one of my favorite movies of all time and for that, I thank you. I will continue to thoroughly enjoy each and every one of your future performances and I’ll be ready and waiting for your first Oscar nom (it’s coming buddy, I can feel it!). Keep killing it, dude!

Your fellow East Coast to LA transplant,

Fraisia W. Logan


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