Hold On For One More Day! – Top 20 ‘Bridesmaids’ Quotes

It’s Oscar season! To celebrate, I’ve put together some lists of my top 20 favorite quotes from past Oscar-nominated comedies. First up is the fiercely hilarious Kristen Wiig created comedic masterpiece, Bridesmaids!

1. “I’m glad he’s single, ’cause I’m gonna climb that like a tree.”

2. “There is semen all over everything. Disgusting. I cracked a blanket in half.”

3. “That dress is so pretty it makes my stomach hurt.”

4. “Hey NOT air marshal John, you wanna get back in that restroom and NOT rest?”

5. “Sorry, excuse me, um could I have a glass of alcohol when you get a chance?”

6. “I’m good. I feel I’m so much more relaxed, thank you Helen. I just feel like I’m excited, and I feel relaxed, and I’m READY to PARTY with the best of them and I’m gonna go down to the river!”

7. “Wow this is so awkward, I really want you to leave but I don’t know how to say it without sounding like a dick.”

8. “It’s coming out of me like lava!”

9. “I want to apologize. I’m not even confident which end that came out of.”

10. (Drinking pink lemonade) “God damn it, that’s good. Shit, that is fresh.”

11. “At first, I did not know that it was your diary. I thought it was a very sad, handwritten book.”

12. Annie: “This should be open ‘cause it’s civil rights. This is the ‘90s.” Flight Attendant: “Right, it’s not, you’re in the wrong decade.”

13. “Help me, I’m poor.”

14. “Oh you’re really doing it aren’t ya. You’re just shitting in the street.”

15. “Ugh, you can’t get anywhere in three seconds. You’re setting me up for a loss already.”

16. Annie: “Whatever you say, STOVE.” Flight Attendant: “It’s Steve.” A: “Pfff Stove, what kind of name is that?” FA: “That’s not a name, my name is Steve.” A: “Are you an appliance?” FA: “No, I’m a man and my name is Steve.” A: “You’re a flight attendant.” FA: “That’s absolutely accurate.”

17. “You look like an old mop.”

18. “You feel that steam heat coming? That’s from my undercarriage.”

19. “I have an announcement too, there is a colonial woman on the wing. There’s a woman on the wing, I saw her, THERE IS SOMETHING THEY’RE NOT TELLING US! There is a colonial woman, she was churning butter, she was churning butter on that wing. She is out there right now!”

20. “Stop it. You’re more beautiful than Cinderella. You smell like pine needles and you have a face like sunshine.”


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