An Open Letter to…Rom Coms

Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you enjoy V-Day or not, I think we can all agree on one thing we love (to hate at times…): ROM COMS! To celebrate Valentine’s Day, my open letter this week is to romantic comedies!

Dear Rom Coms,

Some people love to hate you and some hate to love you (and others just straight up hate you), but I think you are a valuable asset to the abundant world of film. If it wasn’t for you, what would we do when we needed a good cry? What would we do when we needed a pick me up that was entertaining, funny, AND romantic? NOTHING IS WHAT WE’D DO because we wouldn’t have you to catch us when we fall! We need you rom coms, we do. You’re one of the best parts of the film world. I think everyone can relate to at least one rom com in their life. Whether it’s the iconic When Harry Met Sally, or the sappy classic The Notebook, or even the raunchy Don Jon, rom coms are film staples that we have come to love. I love you rom coms and I want you here to stay!

Like I mentioned before, I think everyone can relate to you rom coms. What I love about you is that you can either be extremely realistic in nature a la Drinking Buddies or have a wildly improbable non-realistic storyline like Love Actually. There are just so many possibilities when it comes to this genre, as with any film genre. It’s interesting that anything can really be categorized as a rom com as long as it’s mildly funny and incorporates one romantic arc. I ain’t mad about it, keep ‘em coming! I have MANY loved rom coms but my all time favorite happens to be the (extremely underrated in my opinion) hilarious movie, Just Friends. I could write an entire separate open letter about this film alone (and I might…), it is just that good to me. It’s one of those films where I know every single line and inflection. I’ve even memorized the special features (I’m weird ya’ll). If you haven’t seen this particular rom com, WATCH IT ASAP. It’s got Anna Faris, Amy Smart, and that beautiful prince Ryan Reynolds, so everyone wins! It may not be the best romantic comedy ever made or anything, but it’s good for a solid chuckle.

Rom coms, you’re important because you do the one thing that not many movies can do: you make us feel good. Comedies make us feel happy, dramas make us feel all sorts of things, but rom coms make us feel good. I know that a lot of other movies that aren’t necessarily rom coms can do that too but, just humor me, will ya? While sometimes it’s not fun to be alone, rom coms are there to remind us that being single ain’t so bad and that you’ll find your special someone someday! Or maybe you won’t, if that’s what you’re into. I’m not here to judge. Anyway, the point is that rom coms are sometimes cheesy, sometimes dumb, sometimes awkward and pointless, but they are always at least a little heartwarming, sweet, and funny, and they are always there to cheer you up when you’re feeling down. Thanks rom coms!

So, rather than hate on today’s holiday, go grab your favorite rom com, a delicious adult beverage, some candy and think about all the other things in life that you love like your family, your friends, and your booze. Also, french fries. Everyone loves french fries.

Here are a few of my favorite romantic comedies if you need some suggestions: the aforementioned Just Friends, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (if you fancy some action), How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (McConaughey!), 10 Things I Hate About You, The 40 Year-Old Virgin, Sleepless in Seattle, Juno, Love Actually, Leap Year, The Princess Bride, Clueless, 27 Dresses, The Wedding Singer, Pretty Woman, The Proposal, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and the list goes on!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Your loving pal,

Fraisia W. Logan



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