The Walking Dead, “Claimed” Review

Aaron Frias

Now here’s an episode that truly proves that things are moving in the right direction.  It was all thanks to a welcoming new character named Abraham.  Though I have personally never read the comics, Abraham is apparently a series favorite and his introduction to the small screen was something that the show has been lacking in.  Him and his crew, along with our usual familiar characters, will bring an interesting dynamic to the table and I’m quite anxious to see just how far these new scenarios will go.

Though I feel as if Abraham may steal the show at some point, Rick, Carl and Michonne endured some tough and memorable moments that are absolutely worth mentioning.  I love seeing a more human side to Michonne.  The way she was interacting with Carl in this episode reminded me of the flashback of her that we got a few episodes prior.  She was very charming and just seemed overly happy.  She’s learned to enjoy the little things and I do like to see a potentially new friendship grow between her and Carl.  Also, after much speculation, we finally actually hear Michonne admit that she once had a child.  Sure, we’ve all known this fact for some time but we never actually heard her admit to being a mother at one point.  Although we’re still not entirely sure whether little Andre is still alive or not, I hope for her sake that he is still out there.

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With the show having it’s many ups and a handful of downs, nothing changes the fact that Rick has been living such a horrific nightmare since the show’s beginnings.  With so many people he has lost, the battles fought, havens destroyed, losing a wife, losing a child (for now), the guy has encountered a lot and still can never get a break.  After trying to take a load-off in his new master bedroom, he’s in immediate danger when a new group of survivors try to overtake the house.  I loved seeing him hide under the bed and just barely getting by unnoticed.  It felt very much like a horror movie and it was nail-biting to say the least.  I definitely wasn’t worried for his life in these tense moments but he could always be captured.  You never know what survivors will do in the desperate world that they live in.  Once he reunites with Carl and Michonne later on, they come across a sign that reads, “Sanctuary for all.  Community for all.  Those who arrive, survive.  Terminus.” Though it does look very promising, you have to remember that Woodbury also looked promising at one point.  Let’s just hope the show doesn’t recreate the same mistakes like they did in season 3 when dealing with a “perfect” haven.

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And now, back to Abraham.  This is a guy who, I feel, speaks for the audience members who have had some issues with the show.  For example, when Tara sees the walkers and was about to pull the trigger, Abraham tells her to not fire.  Instead, he uses a crowbar to kill them, thus saving the ammo and not attracting attention from walkers nearby.  Where was he when Beth, back at the prison, felt the need to fire a single round in the air when the group was fighting?  I was amazed at how incredibly idiotic that was, but then again, that was season 3.  Abraham seems like he will keep everyone in check.

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When Glenn wakes up and wants to be let off the truck so he can find Maggie, he attempts to leave but Abraham fights him not to do so.  They need to meet up with some officials in Washington because  Eugene apparently knows what caused the world to go to hell in the first place.  Hearing those words was like a breath of fresh air.  Finally, some potential answers!  I mean I wasn’t expecting answers in this episode, per se, but this show has been “dying” for more information about this epidemic.  Is it a virus?  A science experiment gone wrong?  Again, I haven’t read the comics so I don’t know what to expect, but I am anxious to know the answers.  However, Eugene looks like he has something up his sleeve.  At first, I thought it was cheap for him to empty out a magazine on the truck’s gas tank just so they can be stranded.  But with more careful observation, he has a look  in his eye that says that he can’t be trusted.  Telling Abraham that he’s “smarter than [him]” makes it seem like this trip to Washington won’t be a breeze.  Previews for next week’s “Still” seems to focus on Daryl and Beth.  I still don’t understand why the writers have paired these two together but hopefully they reunite with some familiar faces soon.

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