Alex Barker

The Oscars have come and gone! Here are some of the Academy Awards films that are now available to rent. One of these was victorious. One of these went home empty. And one didn’t leave home at all.

Gravity, 2013

Winner of 7 Academy Awards (including Best Director), this is a film that reminds us of the power of what cinema provides to humanity. Filled with tension and majesty, terror and humor, Gravity gives a soul-shaking reminder of the beauty of our planet we call home, and the lengths to which we go to survive. If you don’t have a projector, think of investing in one. This film practically justifies the purchase.

$3.99 – Amazon

$3.99 – iTunes

$3.99 – Google Play

NA – YouTube

Captain Phillips, 2013

Nominated for 6 Academy Awards (including a hauntingly confident supporting actor performance by newcomer Barkhad Abdi), this thriller tells the story of a real-life event surrounding the hijacking of an American cargo ship by Somalian pirates. Directed and acted to steely perfection, this film gives us a raw and unhindered intimate look into the clash of cultures and world politics. Get ready – the last 15 minutes you’ll likely lose circulation in your hands from gripping your seat.

$3.99 – Amazon

$3.99 – iTunes

$3.99 – Google Play

$3.99 – YouTube

Short Term 12, 2013

There are always films that lose out to the Oscar politics of studios and well-funded campaigns. Short Term 12 is one of them. Simple but brutally honest, Destin Daniel Cretton writes and directs the story about a couple running a foster care facility in Los Angeles. Within each heart-wrenching story of the kids and how they got there, there is also a resounding statement of hope in humanity. It’s a powerhouse of a film. Keep an eye on Cretton – he’s a director to look out for.

$0.99 – Amazon

$0.99 – iTunes

$3.99 – Google Play

$3.99 – YouTube


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