An Open Letter to…Kristen Bell

The Veronica Mars movie premiered last week to quite the positive response. Being a diehard marshmallow myself, I was pretty excited when the movie came out. To celebrate the return of my favorite sass spilling, smart a$$ gum shoe, I’ve written my open letter this week to none other than Veronica Mars herself, Kristen Bell!

Dear Kristen,

I just think you are a really cool person. You are equal parts cute and sassy, and you give a crap about the world and how your daughter is brought up in it. I think that’s pretty cool. You’re also a bada$$ actress with some serious acting chops. I’ve been a fan of yours since I first saw you in one of the best comedy movies out there, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Who doesn’t love that movie?! I love Jason Segel and Bill Hader too, so to throw you, Jonah Hill, and Russell Brand in the mix made this movie one of my top 10 favorite comedy movies. Seriously. It’s that good. (If you haven’t seen this film, stop what you are doing right now and watch it IMMEDIATELY). Unfortunately, I was only vaguely aware of Veronica Mars when it was on TV. I was too busy being a dumb jerk and watching shows like The Real World (gross) and Laguna Beach (grosser). I’m a little embarrassed to admit that but, 2004-2007 (the years the show was on the air) was literally my entire high school career and I actually didn’t have much time for TV. When I did, I was watching horrible reality TV because as stated before, I was a dumb jerk. But don’t worry, I’ve since seen the error of my ways and now stick to the quality scripted television shows on the air today (with just a splash of The Real Housewives mixed in…it’s an addiction, I’M SORRY).

I’m even more upset that I didn’t discover your immense talent until seeing Forgetting Sarah Marshall because you happen to be a musical theatre nerd like myself and askdlfjasldkfj I LOVE THAT. I’m still kicking myself for not discovering Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical until now. It wasn’t even until the Kickstarter for the Veronica Mars movie became massive news that I even knew of Veronica Mars at all (yeah, I’m the worst, I know.). My pal Erin told me all about it and how much I’d love it and that it was all on Netflix so I could binge watch my face off (my preferred method of watching television) and become a full fledged marshmallow all in a single weekend. Perfect! To my surprise, VMars wasn’t on Netflix anymore (FOR SHAME NETFLIX) but, Warner Bros. had put all three seasons on their website for streaming. Okay, okay, not exactly my choice method of watching but, I’ll deal. Then, WB took down all three seasons I’m assuming when it got WAY too popular after the Kickstarter and sold the rights to Amazon Instant Video. HOW DARE YOU WB?!? I was hurt, truly. But, I prevailed and borrowed the first two seasons on DVD from a friend and then caved and bought Amazon Prime because my Logan and Veronica shipping hysteria was in full swing by that point and mama needed her sweet, sweet VMars juice.

Basically, my obsession with you has since skyrocketed and I’m okay with that because you’re one bad mama jamma and I love ya. You are relatable on so many levels and you’re hilarious and down to earth and you like REALLY love sloths so, I think we can all agree that you are a supes cool gal. I’ve even started watching House of Lies just for you and I literally have no idea what it’s about. (Seriously, if someone would like to explain to me what exactly House of Lies is about, please help a sista out.) And then, if my obsession with you wasn’t already creepy enough, you went and did Frozen which was probably my favorite animated film of the year. I beyond LOVE animation, especially Disney, and Frozen was no exception. I fangirled more than anything over that movie with you and Idina and the music and the message and the sisters! You brought so much to the character of Anna and really helped knock that movie out of the park.

Anyway, KBell, you are not only one of my favorite actresses, but also one of my favorite people and while Forgetting Sarah Marshall hooked me with your wit, being introduced to the fierce biotch that is Veronica Mars made me not only a marshmallow, but a massive fan for life. Keep kicking a$$ and taking names in all the things you do Kristen, you rock!

Your dedicated marshmallow pal,

Fraisia W. Logan


Kristen-s-Asos-Magazine-Photoshoot-kristen-bell-17901914-1125-750 (1)


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