Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Are You?


Take our personality quiz, and learn which Super Mutant Ninja Turtle you are!


1. On a friday night you are most likely: 

A) At a party, hitting on babes.

B) You don’t have any specific plans, you’ll most likely just go with the flow of what everyone else is doing.

C) Headed out for a weekend trip with your friends, you meticulously planned every detail.

D) After a long week you just really need some alone time with your iPod and your thoughts.


2. Your pizza topping of choice is: 

A) Nothing but some tasty pepperoni.

B)  You like to try something different every time. Coming up with crazy new pizza topping combinations is how you roll.

C) Vegetarian, because it’s the  healthiest of course.

D) Sausage & Black Olives are your thing.


3.  It’s your turn to pick for movie night, you choose:

A) Something fun and hilarious. Anything Judd Apatow and you’re there.

B) Sci-Fi, but you love to discuss the potential flaws in the science.

C) You’d rather everyone else be happy so you pick 3 and leave it up to a vote.

D) Some sort of action thriller, the more violent the better. You’re really looking forward to ‘The Raid 2’


4. When you were 8, this is what you wanted to be when you grew up: 

A) The lead singer of a band.

B) An astronaut.

C) The president of the United States.

D) A cop.


5. When you’re not absorbed in some yummy pizza, your restaurant of choice serves:

A) Mexican Food

B) Italian Food

C) Sushi

D) Chinese Takeout


6. On a sunny day at the park, you can be found: 

A) Meeting new people, and petting every adorable puppy that comes by.

B) Flying a Kite

C) Meditating or reading a good book under a tree.

D) Blowing off some steam by going for a run and listening to loud music on your iPod.


7. When it comes to love, you: 

A) A bit of a player on the surface, but really you just don’t want to be hurt.

B) You do a bit of over analyzing, but really you just only want to enter into practical relationships.

C) You take dating very seriously. You’re not looking for just anyone, you’re looking for the right one.

D) You’re independent. You’re not exactly searching for love, but if it came along you be open to it.


8. It’s sunny out, you throw on your:

A) Neon frat sunglasses.

B) The cheapest pair of sunglasses you could find that still look decent.

C) Aviators.

D) You didn’t have to throw them on because you usually never take them off to begin with.


9. You’re at the bar with some friends, your drink of choice is:

A) Beer. Chug chug chug!

B) A Tom Collins.

C) Wine, but just a glass or two because you’re DD.

D) Jack & Coke.


10. It’s raining outside, you don’t leave the house without:

A) You need nothing. You’d rather dance in the rain.

B) An umbrella, a rain coat, & your rain boots. You’re totally prepared.

C) An Umbrella, and a back up in case your friend forgot theirs too.

D) Either a sweatshirt with hood up, or a trench coat with the collar pulled up around your face.


Now add up how many of each letter you have, and look below to see which Ninja Turtle you are!


Mostly A’s : You are MICHELANGELO!


You’re the life of the party. You love being around people, and you can easily chat with strangers. People see you as fun-loving, and care free. The only downside is that you can be so wrapped up in having fun, you forget to focus on your goals. On the other hand, when you really set your mind to something, you can make anything happen.


Mostly B’s: You are DONATELLO!


You’re extremely smart and love problem-solving. You like to think of things practically, and don’t rush to conclusions. When it comes to making decisions you pretty much go with the flow, and are chill with all outcomes.


Mostly C’s: You are LEONARDO!

LeonardoYou are a real take-charge kind of person. Your natural strength and decision-making skills cause people to look to you as their leader. You’re also very thoughtful, and love taking care of others by putting your friends needs before your own.


Mostly D’s: You are RAPHAEL!


You’re fierce and strong. Because of your competitive drive, you can’t help but give your all in everything you do. You love to be independent and alone a lot of the time. You would never back down from a fight.


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