An Open Letter to…Anna Kendrick

America’s resident self-proclaimed Beyoncé fanatic and Oscar nominated dramedy queen is hosting Saturday Night Live tomorrow April 5th so to celebrate, I wrote an open letter to none other than our favorite tiny singing diva, Anna Kendrick!

Dear Anna,

I have one question, how do you fit so much sass, humor, spunk, TALENT, and beauty into such an adorable mini (and fierce) package? You are quickly becoming one of the coolest chicks in not only the film world but also the WORLD world. Seriously girl, you are one feisty biotch and I am borderline obsessed with you. See, I can relate to you: I too will forever look like I am age 17, I enjoy singing the “Cups” song but I also am at the “really guys? Still?” point, and I have had a passion for the musical arts since I was a small(er) gal as well. We’re basically twins and should be forever best friends. There it’s in writing, so it has to happen.

Any girl who can go from playing a whiny drama queen in The Twilight Series to an uptight control freak in Up in the Air to a sangin’ over eyelined co-ed in Pitch Perfect should win all the Oscars, if you ask me. You can do it all, Anna. You were also in one of my most loved movies of all time, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, so it’s fair to say you’re kind of my favorite person ever. You just finished filming The Last 5 Years and Into the Woods, two of my favorite musicals. These two projects alone are like the musical icing on the Anna Kendrick cake. Maybe that sounds kinda creepy but really, I just love musical theatre and movies and women in film who are funny and don’t royally suck at the whole acting thing.

All I’m trying to say here is that you’re one hot piece of talented a$$ and so what if I want to be everything you are (hey look, I’ve got some redeeming qualities too, like my super sexy knock-knees and the uncanny ability to sound just like Fran Drescher [it’s a gift, really]). You can laugh at yourself and aren’t easily embarrassed which makes you not only extremely relatable to freaks like me but also someone that people truly enjoy watching on screen. You’re the whole package Anna: a great actress, an awesome singer, a self-professed Reddit loving nerd, a hilarious tweeter, a down to Earth lady, and one hell of a pretty face. Can we please just hang out with no makeup on, drinking wine and eating our weight in gummy worms? Don’t act like that doesn’t sound like a great day to you.

I’m gonna be honest Anna, you and JLaw (Jennifer Lawrence, duh) are pretty head to head in the BFF race so let’s just get some beers and buffalo wings and call it a draw. Because let’s be real, I don’t want to be anywhere else but trapped in the middle of a saucy JLaw and AnnaK friendship sandwich. Not even weird vegans could resist such a delightful treat!

I promise I won’t be camped outside your bedroom window in the future…but don’t feel like you can’t text me or anything.

Your future maid of honor,

Fraisia W. Logan



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